“Barbara Williamson gives to the world probably one of the most insightful views of the changing times of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Her book is indeed a window looking at the significance of the sexual revolution in this country and the continuing reverberations that rippled out from that fateful decision that she and John Williamson agreed to act on in creating the Sandstone Retreat. What they set out to accomplish they did accomplish. They showed the world that they were innovators and visionaries and they were successful in bringing about change to many.”

— Sheila Ellington

“Barbara tells her story from early childhood until the death of her husband, John. And an extraordinary life it was! She relates her journey with humor and vitality. There is never a dull moment as she morphs from an innocent school girl to a worldly and very successful insurance saleswoman. A must read!”

​— Ruth S. Anderson

“This book expertly weaves together the elements of love and life, in addition to true commitment and adventure, and how beneficial it is to have such a happy life full of change. Barbara tells her life story, starting with heartbreaking and humble beginnings to allowing herself to change within, all because she had found her life partner in the late John Williamson.

What Barbara and John accomplished at Sandstone, and also what they started together with the big cats is truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring. It is a must read for all–especially if you love discovery.

​— Donita Petean